Thursday, 14 May 2015

Just random brain thoughts

I have been wondering lately, mostly because of instagram...
What actually makes a good piece of writing?
Like to me, it must be something that moves you... and I know, not everything moves people in the same way blah blah blah, but like, what constitutes something then that is a good piece of writing?
I didn't really have any "insecurities" (so to say) about my writing before Instagram. I always wrote for me, not for people, but for me and I've been told that that's selfish  and I can't see how... I don't write about love and pretty things really... I write about what moves me, I write about what hurts me, I write about what worries me about the world and about people and maybe badly, and maybe darkly and morbidly.... who even knows anymore, but that's that.
Those are the things that are "good" to me... Things that matter (and again maybe just to me, maybe others find that heartbreak material is more relevant)

Anyway that was my rant...
What makes a good piece of writing...?

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